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Rug Cleaning

Our Rug cleaning service is almost the same as our carpet cleaning service with the exception that rugs quite often accumulate more dirt due to the nature of their use.  With our powerful injection steam cleaning machines we are able to penetrate this dirt, right to the core, to guarantee a fresh, soft, showroom type finish from even the most well used rugs in your home.

Stain removing chemicals and deep cleaning detergents can really bring old, tired looking rugs back to life.

As with carpets, the drying times do vary depending on the thickness and pile of the rug but as a rough guide most rugs will be ready to use within 2 – 4 hours of the cleaning process.

Discounts are available for Rug Cleaning if it is done at the same time as having your carpets cleaned. We can also offer an off-site option for Rug Cleaning for those with busier lifestyles.  We have technicians in Horsham, Brighton, Worthing, Crawley, Redhill, Guildford, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Billingshurst and the Gatwick area, who are always available to help. Contact us now for more details.
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